Wishlist: My New 1.8 Ideas!

What about a invisible cloak that makes ur blockhead invisible u cant make it tho u can only find them on sky islands or deep in caves u should add a lava submarine to go into lava and under lava u the invisible cloak should be easier to find u can also get them by killing a troll the chance of that drop is21% add dragons and kingdoms and also security cameras cars whales phantoms portals to other dimensions u have the hell (like nether) and end but without the dragon there should also be bosses that have RARE drops also a new kind of staff should be added also starter packs (with 100000 crystals double time and add 30 days of credit for free for the price of 28.50$

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Uh who would buy 100000 tc?
That’s like 50 dollars


Great ideas your right about the collar item to prevent killing them by accident is seriously useful great idea.

The bucket idea is great because then we finally get a good end game use the. unusable block basalt.

If you can tame dolphins so they follow you and let you ride them instead of using boats that would be amazing a great update and fun mob to have when crossing the ocean. And they automatically avoid sharks for you if the shark happens to be on the surface lol


Thank you! :smiley: