Wishlist: Trash cans and bears and sald blocks

Its my first time writing a topic but i here would like to write my suggestions for the game :slight_smile:

  1. Trash Cans- i know there are alot of people that use trash chutes all the way to lava but it will take long to make them and its hard if theres water underneath so i have a suggestion to add trash cans
    RECIPE: 3blocks of steel 1 tin ingot and a magnet
    DESCRIPTION: 1 block high, when you open it it will look like a chest with a button “Dispose” (or anything related to throw) and we can put all our trash there and we can still think about if we want to keep it or not bc if its a trash chute to lava we can think about it now if we throw it i mean we already threw it right?

  2. Bears - there are dropbears right? So why not bears? They can be found on the north pole and walking around far spawn

DESCRIPTION: They can Get tamed if players will feed them 5 fishes
and if they get tamed they can protect the player who owns it

3.Salt blocks - i am not the first person to recommend this but might aswell

DESCRIPTION: Its texture is like sand but color white and these can be found laying near sand when you dig it it sounds like dirt the only way to crush that block is to use the press and if u dig it it will look like ingots

Well i guess its the end :stuck_out_tongue: ill update this if i got more ideas well bai

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Why a magnet?

Why not ?

It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

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