I am glad about the release of the Blockheads 1.7, but what about The Blockheads 1.8?

  • Add a premium version of the Blockheads:
    • 1-month subscription for $4.99 or 1-year subscription for $49.99
    • 8,640 time crystals/day
    • Doubles crafting speed and halves rush cost for all offline worlds (Online worlds don’t count to prevent you from trying to beat “crafting races” with other players)
    • Removes ads (You can still watch ads for time crystals)
  • Explosive blocks
    • There will also be an Explosive Bench, to craft TNT.
      • Can be crafted at a campfire, with 1 stick ,1 ember, and 1 copper wire
      • Crafting takes 1 minute
      • Craft TNT with 1 ember and 3 copper wire
      • You can craft larger TNT by using more ember and copper wires, for example, Super TNT can be crafted with 3 TNT, or with 3 ember and 9 copper wires, has a yield radius of 15 blocks, and will do 3x as much damage to nearby entities
    • Has a yield radius of 5 blocks, and will hurt any nearby entities
    • Can be lit with an ember, or with electricity
  • Add a Hell dimension. It can be accessed by reaching the center of the world, and then jumping into the lava. When you die, you will be taken to Hell
    • It is eight times smaller. The ground is only 64 blocks deep, instead of 512. It is only 2,048 blocks wide, instead of 16,384
    • When you enter Hell, you will end up at the top of the world. You will then fall into water
    • You can go back to the overworld by making a ladder to the top
    • You cannot go even deeper
    • There is also a Heaven dimension, which is accessed by building a ladder to the top of the world. When you suffocate, you will enter Heaven
      • It is eight times larger. The ground is 4,096 blocks deep instead of 512. It is 131,072 blocks wide instead of 16384
      • You can go back to the overworld by falling out of Heaven
      • You cannot go even higher
      • If you die in these dimensions, you will go back to the overworld. Your items will still remain in these dimensions
  • Servers are now completely free
  • Migrating a world from survival to custom rules will now create a copy of the original world (so if you made a mistake, you can now go back to survival)
    • You cannot migrate a world if there is a visible time crystal block or portal chest (because time crystal blocks and portal chests are not allowed in custom rules worlds)
  • All servers must now be Custom Rules (Old survival servers will now be migrated to custom rules).
  • Portals are now free to place and upgrade, instead of the 120 time crystals to create a new one (It takes 420 time crystals to place a new diamond portal)
    • This includes trade portals, it currently costs 550 time crystals to place and fully upgrade a trade portal, it should be free (Two trade portals and one diamond portal will cost 1,520 time crystals, more than you could get by just mining)
  • You can now convert time crystals into platinum coins, and vice versa
  • You can now put items inside baskets as spawn items
  • You can now stack 100 items instead of 99
  • Add ban signs, that prevent a specific player from editing an area
    • They are crafted with 1 sign and 3 copper ingots
    • Only admins may craft public signs
    • You cannot set the blacklisted user to an admin
  • Add multiplayer signs, that allow a specific user and prevent another user from editing an area
    • They are crafted with 1 sign and 3 platinum ingots
    • Only admins may craft multiplayer signs
    • You cannot set the whitelisted or blacklisted users to each other or to an admin
  • Allow only the owner to admin players
    • Also, only admins may mod players
  • Prevent other admins from accessing the owner portal
  • Allow you to delete servers (but only the owner can do so)
  • Allow you to disable PvP for admins
  • Allow you to create 16x worlds in single-player
  • Allow admins to upgrade someone else’s crafting table, portal, stove, or electric workbench
  • Allow you to gift Time Crystals to a friend
    • You can gift up to 20 TC at a time
    • When you gift TC, you lose time crystals. But your friend will earn time crystals
    • You can only gift once per day, and can only gift to the same friend once per week
  • Add new portal upgrades to expert mode
  • Only admins may now craft iron doors or safes. But they can choose a user that can open the door/safe
    • They are now crafted at a portal, with 3 iron ingots and 1 door (for the iron door), and 1 iron ingot and 1 chest (for the safe)
  • Doors no longer take time to be removed
  • Golden chests, safes, and portal chests now hold 32 items instead of 16
  • You can now sell items for time crystals in a shop
  • Allow you to put time crystals in a chest
  • Add iron buckets
    • They are larger than tin buckets, and can hold lava
    • They cannot hold water, otherwise they will rust
  • Add steel buckets
    • They are even larger than iron buckets, and can hold both water and lava
  • Add trash cans
    • There will also be a Trash Bench, to craft trash cans
      • Can be crafted at a woodwork bench, with 1 wood, and 1 lava bucket
    • They can hold up to 16 items at once
    • They are crafted with 1 chest, 3 doors, and 1 lava bucket
      • Crafting takes 1 minute
    • Items are removed when you leave (single-player) or when everyone in a server leaves
      • Items can be removed instantly by tapping the “Remove” button (This button is only available to the owner of the trash can or admins)
  • Add commands to servers, that can be used by the owner, admins, or mods (They cannot be used on the owner, admins, or mods, with some exceptions)
    • /kick [player] - Removes a player from the server (The player can still rejoin)
    • /join [player] - Makes a player join the server
    • /ban [player] - Removes a player (and the player can’t rejoin)
    • /unban [player] - Allows a player to play again
    • /kill [player] [blockhead] [regeneration] - Kills a player’s blockhead (You can specify if the blockhead can regenerate or not, if regeneration is disabled, it will instantly die anyway)
    • /admin [player] - Grants admin permissions to a player (Can only be used by owner, can be used on mods)
    • /unadmin [player] - Removes admin permissions from a player (Can only be used by owner, can be used on admins)
    • /mod [player] - Grants mod permissions to a player (Can only be used by the owner and admins)
    • /unmod [player] - Removes mod permissions from a player (Can only be used by the owner and admins, can be used on mods)

By the way, I am working on the very first 1.8 server, the TIMECRYSTALHOTEL! This is a PvP server meant to generate TC. This server won’t work with 1.7 or earlier.

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This is a Suggestion and the title is misleading.


Agreed. Moved to the Suggestions category.

BTW, I would be very surprised if there will be a 1.8. I believe that Dave has indicated that he will continue to do bug fixes, but that another major update is unlikely.

I could be wrong. Kind of hope I am.


I suggest you separate these suggestions


For one thing, the blockheads world is not a circle. It is more of a flat line fused together. So the full length expands even to the core.

In a circle, it may not be that way. But if Dave made the world a complete circle in theory the world in the core would be shorter. But the world is not a circle so it just won’t work.

When he finishes sapiens maybe

It wraps around.

Generally jumping into lava causes you to loose all items, how would we make ladders and such with out resources in such a place? Providing your idea comes from the Minecraft nether and end?

I’ve changed the title to be wishlist, as that’s what it is. Suggestions are posted one per thread, if you want them to get official consideration, but if it’s just a case of sharing your thoughts then this is fine.

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2,880 TC/day is very excessive, isnt it?


I see what you did there.

I know, but as you get deeper you can’t make the blocks go less and less without some sort of teleportation method.

Update: It’s now 8,640 time crystals!

That’s a bit more excessive.