Wood and Sticks

I have an idea. If you had enough sticks like 20, you could make wood. This would be a good idea because, if you have no trees nearby, but you have sticks, you can use a woodwork bench to craft a block of wood. It would be used the same way regular wood is.


I don’t see how this could work, sticks can not just be made into wood.

I do like this though :slight_smile:

It was just a suggestion.

I wonder how Razor = Yak Horn + Steel works…

The steel is a handle and the yak horn is the sharp part of it.

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This sounds really cool, but I don’t think it should be normal wood.
It should be plywood. Since plywood is made from the scraps of wood (I think), it wouldn’t be all that much of a stretch to say it could be made w/ sticks.


It probably would be plywood.

You use the yak horn to shape the steel into a razor just like native americans.

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