I remember this server. Dang, I used to love normal survival in those days.

It was really nice how the whole crew was there, good times, wish it were back :,)

Same : /

I’ve added 7 days of credit to woodlands, join while you can!

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This isn’t something I recommend. The world had been dead for eight months when you found it, and it has no active staff, and you can’t actually do anything if something goes wrong with the world. If you would like I can move your credit to another world, that is active.

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It’s okay, while I’d like other players to join, I put the credit on initially for me to enjoy exploring it for the last time. Plus it’s only a dollar which goes towards the game anyway. Thank you for the offer though.



Thank you, what was your username on the server?

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No more coffee for you.


That attitude is gold.

this was honestly one of my favourite servers, really glad you did this


Another week added.