Hi everyone! I’m King-Dedede. I play many different servers here and there and one of these is Woodlands. As a mod of this place I am sorry to inform everyone that this magnificent server has died. It is the best server I’ve ever played on in terms of atmosphere and I miss it dearly. If any of the original woodlands gang sees this add a comment saying where you play now so we can get in touch or if any new players would like to join. I hope to get this server going again! and Thor if you see this I’d like to request admin so I can run the server in your absence.


i think i know you

you were at starlight skys 1 and you had mod

also on starlight skys 2 you built that big building close to there spawn

Should be #multiplayer

Moved to multiplayer.

@KING-DEDEDE keep in mind, only owners are allowed to post about their worlds.

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Oh I remember you. I think you had a penguin picture of sorts…


My bad. Im new to forums.


I used to play on woodlands. It was a great server indeed.

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was the penguin blue
“( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Hello, long time no see. Sorry for not answering any sooner, I had some technological difficulties.anyway, I’d like to say that for now woodlands is having some difficulties and is dead(for now). Some of the gang is on wilderness from Smokey and for now rabbit hole is unavailable. We have a group on discord an app that is for gamers and is safe no additional information needed, only email. If you would like to join that, then just answer if you would like to and I’ll tell Smokey to add you, anyway Roger that.

Edit: whispers:( woodlands is back yayayay!) 4/2/18

I remember this server but someone hacked it

I am unicorn I play on rabbithole

Hello nice to meet you!

Wait is rabbit hole is still unavailable or did I make a mistake? :sweat_smile:

Idk yet

Cool server!

I’m pretty sure Woodlands is dead, if not already out of credit. This update seems terrible. I used the word seems because I haven’t seen it all. It looks to have done much more bad than good. It also focuses on just super young kids playing it now, not us teens and vets (long time players). If anyone happens to restart the server PLEASE LET ME KNOW! For now, Rest In Peace Woodlands.


The server was recently re-opened.

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