Where to find wool? Is there wool ingame?

Sadly there is no wool in the game, as sheep does not exist. But there are many alternatives to choose from!

Clothing alternatives

  1. Fur. Dropped when you kill dropbears (those koala-looking animals in pine trees). You can make coats/boots with them at the tailor’s bench.

  2. Leather. Dropped from donkeys or dropbears. You can make leather pants, jacket or boots at the tailor’s bemch with them.

  3. Linen. Made from flax (flax plants look like 1 or 2 block high shrubs on the floor). Linen can make you caps, hats, pants or shirts, in addition to boats, paintings and much more!

Block alternatives (as to wool blocks in Minecraft)
Most blocks in the Blockheads can be painted, using paint crafted at the mixing bench. So if you want any coloured block, just paint the block by clicking it with the paint bucket. I’m not sure what block looks most like the Minecraft wool texture when painted, but you can always experiment and see what suits you the best.

Hope these helped :slight_smile:


If there was wool might I suggest an anti itching medication. Reminds me of the time Sheldon played a trick on Leonard over an unreturned DVD movie.

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I wish…

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I guess you could call yak shavings wool, but they’re not used in clothes IIRC.

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There is no sheep in The Blockheads so no wool.:confused::lol: Sorry.