World became completely black


This is the second time this has occurred, where my world randomly turns completely black after receiving a forced advertisement. The pause button and character button are functional, while pressing the time crystal button doesn’t do anything. Also, I can’t interact with the black screen in any way.

I’m on the most recent version of android, and on a google pixel.


Does it only happen on single player or have you noticed it on multiplayer as well?


Which Google Pixel?


Welcome to the community, I would also like to ask if this was your personal single player world or a multiplayer one.


Something like this happened to me a few times, but what happened was my blockheads somehow teleported underground (which is why my screen was black like yours). But I was able to interact with the screen first by using my pickaxe and mining the stone and then placing a lantern (allowing me to see I was underground).


There’s no player count. It’s a single player world.


It was singleplayer.