World changed


I’m really confused.I have fully explored the world, yet when I return, the place in which I have built in has turned into this vast ocean.I crossed it only to find new land.I have no idea what happened.

Has this happened before?


Now this happened.


Looks like a corrupt world to me…the water flowing and the blockhead,it went to somewhere unknown huh?is your blockhead even flying?


I just went back.There is unlimited land.I keep finding mountains and the other half of the world completely changed.Its so weird.I still have my buildings and everything on one side, but the rest is “unexplored”. Idk what I should do.


welp if its corrupt there’s nothing to do
maybe someone have other ideas?


If it’s a single player world, the only way to fix a corrupted world is to restore from a backup. But that has other ramifications that could impact the rest of your device: photos, apps, etc.


Looks like corruption to me.


I’ve edited the title of the thread, to make it more informative.

I’ll PM you about this shortly, @Bertiebean.


Thank you :slight_smile: