World credit problem

I’ve had an online world (out of credit) for a while now, and about a week ago I put 30 days credit on, but it wont let me on, it still says out of credit. I even have the receipt from google play on email… what do I do

Other players have been affected by this too.

PM @milla.

Yeah I think this is some sort of new glitch.


This has been going on for the five years that the cloud world hosting platform has been in use, but it is more common recently, especially for Android customers. If you’re after a refund, then you will need to contact Noodlecake Studios via the HELP/CREDITS screen reached via the pause menu. If you’d like me to add the credit to your world let me know, and we can get that sorted by private message :slight_smile:


Yeah I just want the credit added, I would rather that over a refund

Okay, I’m going to message you shortly.