World credit was added when it had Password


I had kept password to my World ‘Mega Castles’ when it was running.It still had the password after it ran out of credit and today my friend named Da* *ar(cannot name) added credit when it had password, after he added when i tried to join my server it asked me the password i clicked cancel thinking that it was added and thought to remove it from Owner Portal,but when i click join again after removing the password it said,“UNABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER SOMETHING WENT WRONG PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER”.
But in the owner portal it said the LAST ACTIVITY WAS DONE TODAY!
But now shows that the world is out of credit when i click join…
My friend lost his money (30 day’s credit), please help…



What an awful bug @milla should be able to help you.


Well nothing was done so far


That’s because it was the weekend. Looking at it now.

Edit: I’ve had a look. It all seems fine, but your friend will need to contact me about the credit not working. I can’t help you with that, sorry.