World Gallery Glitch


Have you ever accidentally click leave when you are doing something? You see! The character in the gallery. How do you do that?
Blockhead > Create world > Offline > Generate world
When you create a world spawn a character then immediately leave.
When you leave it’ll look like this!


Nice discovery there, I wonder if you could do the same with any other animations to get a ‘freeze-frame gallery’ of blockheads doing things.


I don’t think that’s a bug.


That’s the blockhead spawning in, this is intentional.


That is the animation that occurs when you spawn in any new blockhead.

If you spawn in a Blockhead and immediately leave, it looks like that because the animation has not yet completed and you are trying to leave while it is trying to complete.


i don’t think this is a bug #pictures


I got some more pictures like this of my blockhead breaking blocks:


Moved to pictures because this isn’t a bug. It is a pretty cool screenshot of the new blockhead warp in animation.