World load stalls second time I join

I’m not sure if this is a common bug, but 16x server worlds don’t seem to load properly for me after I exit out of them for the first time. The progress bar seems to be stuck at around 2/3 of the way to completion and remains that way for several minutes. Restarting my iPhone doesn’t do anything to remedy this issue. However, 4x server worlds seem to be fine for now.

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Which generation of iPhone do you have? Which version of iOS are you running?

You might want to make a new thread in the #bugs-glitches category.



What Wumbo said :slight_smile:

It’s happened to me before try reloading the app three times when you click join

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Have you tried clicking your heels three times? There’s no place like home.


I’ll be sure to try it, and I’ll post the results here. The phone I’m using is an iPhone X running iOS 12.4.1 (build 16G102, released 26 August 2019).

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Try updating your iPhone X to iOS 13.1.2.

That can make it worse, because the game isn’t officially supported on iOS 13.X.

Works fine on my iPhone running iOS 13.1.2 and my iPad Pro running iPadOS 13.1.2.

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But it may not for him/her, you can always try and hope for the best.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t. It also works fine on my older iPhone 8 running iOS 13.1.2.

The same reason 16x worlds doesn’t load properly on iOS 12.x.

One of their best options is to update iOS. Problems sometimes magically disappear after updating iOS.

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We are getting off topic. But yes it may help.

No we aren’t. We’re trying to provide a decent solution for the OP.

It may just be lack of ram, but iOS is very optimized.

The iPhone X has 3GB of RAM and iOS is already extremely good at RAM management. That doesn’t make much sense, at least to me.

Trailing far off topic but yes that is tru

Again, we aren’t. We’re trying to help the OP.

Unless you have many apps open in the background.