World Mapping - limited time offer

I’m sick. I blame college students not washing their hands…

But anyways… this means I have some time on my hands without really being able to do anything productive. I’m enjoying exploring worlds though.

I can create a map for your world for the next day or so, just reply here with a world & owner name & admin BIBLIOPHILE. Also let me know if posting the map publicly here is fine, or if you want it PMed to you so that you can censor parts of it before posting publicly.

The resulting maps look like the demo in this thread: Mapping Your World

First come first serve, though I’ll prioritize smaller worlds.


Can you do Creative of Time by Porky the chop and HD 40307 b by PorkyTheChop please? I don’t mind if Creative of time is posted here, but I’d prefer if HD weren’t. :slight_smile:

Why cant people be bothered to wash their hands these days?

Uploading the Creative of Time map kills the forum XD

Here’s a download (3mb)

~2 hours to map a 4x that isn’t ridiculously developed. It took about the same time to map Rabbithole.

If you open the image it will probably just look like a black line across your screen. You’ll need to zoom in. It is 1024 pixels tall by 65536 pixels wide. Here’s spawn zoomed in.