World not working

I started playing the blockheads again, as I used to play it a lot and my world turned completely black, as if undiscovered and everything is unclickable. I made a second world and got further but it happened again and I can’t play. Please help! I play on a new Google pixel 3a

Android version is very buggy…


The Blockheads is quite buggy on Pixel phones.

You might want to contact Android support. You can do that by pausing the game, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, then scrolling down to the Support section, where there is a link to email support. Be sure to reply to say so if none of the links in the automatic response help. If you don’t they will assume that your problem has been resolved.

There’s a weird glitch. I clicked on the help thing but it won’t let me scroll down. Could you please tell me the email so I can do it?

For android support: support+blockheads [at]

Be sure to respond to their auto-reply message if it doesn’t solve your problem since otherwise a human won’t see your message.