World pauses upon leaving


Before 1.7, if I asked my blockhead to craft something or mine some blocks, and leave the app and return to the world some time later, it would say “While you are away, ??? crafted/got 30 ???” and so on.

But as of 1.7, upon leaving the world/app while the blockhead is busy, and returning sufficient time later, no progress will be made, and the blockhead continues what it was doing when you left the world. (Rebooting device did not help.)

Is this intentional, or a bug? I couldn’t find any information about this on the forums. Thanks :slight_smile:


When I updated the game yesterday the game didn’t pause. It worked as it did prior to the update, which is great for me as I can’t leave my phone always up and running at work haha. But this morning I noticed that the world now pauses too…I didn’t know if it was just with the linen I was crafting or what.


It happens for me no matter what I queue the blockhead to do. Be it sleeping, travelling, mining or crafting, upon leaving the world or closing the app and returning later, the blockhead makes 0 progress in what it was supposed to do, and just continues where it left off.

It’s pretty annoying when you craft, or see a huge chunk of ore and queue your blockhead to mine it, and use other apps or do other things, only to return an hour later to see that nothing has been crafted/mined… :frowning:


I would think that this is a bug. 1.2’s major feature was that blockheads worked while the app was closed.


Another bug to add onto the list.


I’m gonna check and see if this happens on my iPad


Does anyone else experience this? Does apple users experience this too? I read some reviews on Google play and many people complain about this too. Someone I know who plays the blockheads has this problem too.

Now, I just leave my phone on when I am crafting something and doing work, occasionally watching tc videos and touching the screen to prevent the game from pausing automatically or my phone switching off. It’s really frustrating :frowning:

I’m really sorry if I sounded annoying… it’s just really frustrating.


I find this really annoying, I often use my phone a lot and leave the game to do somwthing like watch videos while my blockheads are crafting, now i have to supervise them.


This bug is still occurring. I’m thinking of emailing noodlecake about the bugs in android, because my game constantly crashes and lags now, especially in multiplayer. I’m not sure if they view the forums for android bugs at all.

I discovered that blockheads do continue crafting in multiplayer when you leave. Since, I’ve been crafting in large amounts on my mac server instead. But this also carries the risk of losing all your items during crafting to lag or corruption. I’ve lost a few stacks of items already this way. Luckily those were mostly flax.

It would be great if noodlecake does a better job in fixing the bugs of the game. :slight_smile:


It always bugs me when someone says something like this…

I’m pretty sure the Noodlecake team that worked on the update was at most 3 people. (2 is more likely, padding estimate)

Guess how many lines of code blockheads is, go ahead.


To put that into perspective, if we count each line of code as 2 words (probably low, but good enough)…

Blockheads code is essentially as long as the text of The Lord of The Rings.

Now take that and say that every typo results in a bug… It’s amazing the game is as bug free as it is.


Atleast they try their hardest.


Really sorry if I came off as blunt/selfish. I didn’t intend it to sound that way.

I’m not saying that they are not doing a good job, they are! This game is great, and clearly much effort has been put into it. :slight_smile:

What I meant is that there’s room for improvement, especially for the bug-fixing side of things. I understand that it’s not easy and they don’t have the manpower/resources to fix all the bugs (especially due to the large range of android devices), but many android players, like me, experience major bugs like this (along with the frequent game crashes) which has a huge effect on our game play, and should be addressed quickly.

There are many smaller bugs and glitches from the update which I already ignore, because they don’t affect my game play as much. But if you experience the frequent crashes and this bug, you’ll understand the frustration that I face.


So I was thinking last night, what if the game pauses when we leave so that our pets dont die, or breed uncontrollably (dodos). Now I’m worried that if they fix the crafting\mining but what will happen to my animal farms? I honestly don’t remember if plants in my farm used to grow while I was away before the update.


FYI everybody, not being able to craft in single player while the app is backgrounded is an issue on both Android and iOS. Dave is looking at fixing it but has said it might be a couple of weeks before a fix is ready, so we’re sorry but please be patient!

And yeah, Noodlecake won’t always be monitoring the forums - we are mostly active around a big release! If you’re getting lots of crashes or lagging, and especially if you can consistently reproduce an issue, then please contact support[at] with a description of your problem, how to make the problem happen, and screenshots and we’ll try to help you out! We have fixed a lot of crashes in the recent 1.7.2 update, but we know there are more out there. The problem is, so far we don’t know of any crashes that can consistently be reproduced - they’re always very random and the bug reports in Google Play don’t give us any good clues as to what’s going wrong! It’s near impossible for us to fix crashes that we can’t make happen ourselves in the office unfortunately :frowning:

Hope this helps shed some light on things!


The crashing is happening on both platforms according to reports that I am hearing in game.