Worlds disappearing from scroller


I’ve noticed that lots of my worlds have been randomly getting “forgotten”. For example outside the blocks disappeared from my scroller as well as skeeves gigantic empire. It’s getting quite annoying to have to keep searching the worlds.


Well yes not only you disappearing a number of worlds in the spinner on your screen this is still happening to me since the update release. And there’s already thread about this even the beta thread I started the thread when Milla told me so let’s just hope this could be fixed soon as possible. :slight_smile:


This happened to me a month AFTER the update. Weird.


This happened after I updated to iOS 11.3 on my phone.

What triggered it in your case? Any changes made to the device before the worlds disappeared from the world spinner?


This happened to me exactly two months and a day after the update.


@asyc nothing triggered it. I didn’t change my device or update it etc. it just randomly started happening.


Same. But for me, the moment 1.7 came some worlds vanished off my spinner. But there’s an SP at the end of the line, so I’m safe from losing any worlds-ish.


Well, I recall updating to IOS11 on that day @asyc