Worldwide Railroad Debate

If you could place a railroad around the world where would you place it? Lets not consider the fact that if you put in the sky or underground it would be a little extra work.

I have heard that a worldwide railroad on the ground creates a lot of lag not sure if this is true, but I have been on a server before with a worldwide railroad and also a sky rail road and there wasn’t a ton of lag. The railroad in the sky I find hard to access and almost easier just to walk on the ground. The underground railroad i feel the same about, but it is even harder with the under ground railroad to access it since there might not be a tunnel down to it within where you want to go.

Edit: I included this in multiplayer since I am considering where to build a railroad in my server and the lagg isn’t a factor if you are in single player

I have a large underground railway.Almost no lag generated.
Underground ones are best since you GET resources from making them.
And you get free all-the-time light from the core.

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So your railroad is that deep. Wow! My question to you is where are your access points to it? If I wanted to travel to the other side of an island would it be faster to walk?

For example on one server the access point are the poles but what if you are trying to get between the poles?

Just get out a steel pick and start mining up at a spot near where you need to go
And if you wanted to get to the other side of my island it would be best to walk.Partly because my island is 100 blocks wide,and partly because I don’t allow access points there because of the flood from a space station hot tub that leaked.Also,my railway only goes the way that goes to the mountain island on my world.

The train ride is faster then walking,but you need to consider the going up/down times.

Last bit of this post:If you were to take a train under the mountainous island to get to the other end it would be way quicker then walking.Hint:There is a large mountain in the way,and you don’t get mountains underground.

A: the bases would probably BE at the poles, and B: if it’s a decent base, it’ll have a portal. Another solution would be to build access points near/under bases…

That is EXACTLY what I do.
Except that my base is ~ 200 blocks away from the east equator.
And I do have a [strike]secret[/strike] base at the North Pole.

I dont like rails in the sky. It will disturb all those secret sky homes up there. I actually had to move once, because the sky rail was coming.

But serious: on several servers I always experienced lag whereever trains or handcar were moving. Plus the passenger cars tend to glitch/crash. I wouldn’t ride them at all until Majic Jungle will make them actually usable.

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Yeah, I think the lag might have more to do with them being used than just existing. although I haven’t noticed lag any worse than usual on Rabbithole. We have an underground train in one section, and an overland rail in another section. I think I prefer the underground one with all other issues aside. Ours is not so deep that access is a problem. there are lots of stations wherever anyone wanted one near their base. On the ground the rails tend to get broken more by people digging, and it prevents the growth of the small plants like flax, sunflowers and carrots. That’s my biggest issue against on ground rails. And rails in the sky tend to “pollute” the sky which might otherwise be empty. Also, we had many, many, many structures in the way that impeded a sky rail.

And finally, skyrails mean adding blocks to your world (which may increase lag), whereas underground means removing them. I would think underground would be better from that point too. But if you want fast setup, ground is easiest where it’s possible. And then underground around buildings. This is what we did on Westeros.

Hey guys, what about the aesthetics? Let’s say for example, lag does not matter nor does difficulty of building, all that is desired is an aesthetically pleasing subway similar to that of real world where the railroads aren’t that deep but looks pretty cool. Well how deep should that subway be built? I’m thinking 15 blocks deep. Do anyone here have any experience in building these type of railway across the world and if there are, would you share any tips with us? Thank you :))

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The main things to consider are, how will you cross oceans? and how do you feel about surface rails vs. subway vs. aerial rails?

Oceans are a challenge. On the surface, aesthetically speaking you can build fancy bridges. Like this one by Hippie Princess:

If you are wanting a subway across the ocean, it’s a bit more challenging to build underwater but you can make something like this:

If you prefer bridges, but want subways and tunnels through mountains, you have to deal with elevation changes. Every mountain and ocean might provide some aesthetic challenges. I also always consider the use of the tracks, wanting them to work for trains and handcars alike. But those two vehicles have vastly different tunnel requirements. Triains need 3 block height clearance throughout, but minimal extra height clearance at elevation changes. Handcars on the other hand can pass through a 2 block high tunnel, but need special designs when there’s a dropoff and clearance if there is a jump. Therein lies one of my favorite building challenges, using all my handcar track building tricks to safely direct handcars without mining out huge cavern spaces all along the subway.

Sky rails solve both of these problems. As does a totally flat and level subway. But I find those rather boring and can only incorporate pretty bridge constructions if you keep the rail at the sea level elevation or slightly above that. Which can make things ugly for the rest of your world. (Players don’t like to work around surface rails everywhere.

Hope that gives you some food for thought and happy building!


To add on in terms of servers, you would also want to consider player-made obstacles like hidden bases (both floating and underground), large towers, and/or pixel-arts.

You way have a situation where there are too many player-built structures to weave around if you were to use one method or that there is a large structure that you can’t get past in a reasonable fashion.

If you build the rail early enough then you only need to think about what works best for the purposes of your server, making sure it won’t restrict the progression of the server later on.


Haha I’m not much of a master builder so this really did help a ton :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!!

Thankfully, I’m just building this in my personal world so I won’t have to worry about that. To anyone building railways in their server, good luck!

Yea I was actually going to but I thought my question fits well with this thread as well because if I ask the question here, people looking for tips on railways can just go here and see various tips all in one place :slight_smile:

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