I’ve been extremely worried about the future of the blockheads after the new update came out. a large chunk of people who play the game are children, and for children, the tc safes were basically a godsend, as most parents don’t want to spend money on a game. by making tc cost money, getting rid of tc safes, and stuff of the sort, is choking almost all servers. people are going to spend tc on credit to keep the servers up, and once that tc runs out, all of those servers are going to be gone. when the servers are gone, people will start leaving the game. The devs may have thought this was a good financial decision, but I and many others who play on the servers I do disagree strongly, and as someone who’s been around since 1 week after release, this is extremely hard and sad for me to see happen to a game I’ve cherished for so long :cry:. this game has helped me through a lot in life: a long period of depression, my loneliness, the death of my cat,my mental disorders, and much more…
Milla, if you read this, please take a few moments to think about this, thank you


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