Would Dave ever consider selling the Blockheads?

As mentioned previously it has been stated Dave will no longer be updating the game. Purely for curiosity purposes would Dave ever consider selling the game for it to be continued by someone who may have more interest in continuing to develop and evolve it. I think it is a awesome game but it is sadly quite disheartening to hear a game you have invested so much time on has no real potential to continue.

If so how much would the game be sold for and (question for the community) What would you guys do if you became the owner of The Blockheads?

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He did, and decided against it years ago. Since then it has become less viable, so this won’t change.

This would probably sound selfish but why won’t we he sell it?

as a player of blockheads for a long time I would like to see some very cool updates coming up at the blockheads game. Dave the main game creator is working on some new game and he won’t probably even touch blockheads for a while and I want to see the game to be updated this is a bit sad cause I would probably be bored at the game because there are no more updates

on a sidenote there are a bunch of great servers out there that have unique set of rules and themes so I guess I would be playing blockheads for a little bit more.

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At this point I’d say look at it from the buyers perspective: would you want to buy a failing product?

Because he’s smart. There needs to be a RoI for a change to make business sense.

Why is the game still being maintained then?

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Because it has an active user-base that’s paying its overheads.

Does “The blockheads” game even make much of a profit at this point?

Im not saying its dead, but its kinda at the point where its getting more obsolete as time goes by. Sure, this is true for every game, but it seems to me that its starting to effect this game now. Paired with the negative reviews suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it seems to be at the point of no return.

The game is still earning enough to cover its costs. So it might not be making much of a profit, but at least its not costing Dave money like it did when pirated TC was running rampant, and increasing his server costs.


It got there sometime after update 1.5. Neither of the last two content updates resulted in increased player numbers.

Yeah, about that…

In January, my wife and I became leaders for a subset of our church- Primary activity for boys (aka PAB).
On one of our first meetings, we discussed things we like to do. The boys were kind of surprised that I had some gaming in Common with several of them. When I mentioned Blockheads, they had never heard of it…

Fast forward to now, and I have a whitelisted Mac server set up as a SEL (social and emotional learning) environment. They boys range in age from 7-11years old, so I need to keep the server isolated (apologies). Still, we have ten boys, their parental units,and four leaders (another couple along with my wife and I) that are whitelisted on the server.

For my part, it’s been fun and interesting to watch. The boys know that the forum exists, but also that they need to be 13 to join. They’ve been warned off, and threatened with having their parents, as well as our bishop informed of any infractions, along with losing server privileges.

The fun part is watching a new group of players discovering BH for the first time. I can already pick out a ‘Bibliophile’, and maybe a ‘Jemni’ (unique interest in handcars). But letting them discover things on their own, etc…l is just a lot of fun to watch.

The husband of the other couple is a computer security expert, and his last lesson was included telling all the kids what their IPs were, and that he somehow knew everything they said in chat. So it really is a learning experience for them as well.

I know it really doesn’t count as having a “popular server”, but its been fun to play on one that has 8-10 people active most of the time.


If it was sold to a company, it should not be from evil and money-greedy companies (such as Microsoft, who ruined Minecraft’s Pocket/Bedrock and Legacy Console Editions [Mojang used to update them], or EA, who ruined the games of several companies, such as Maxis and Popcap).


This I agree with. Nobody would want to do that.

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I’m not quite sure how much this has to do with the increase of players, and not to spread negativity about this game, but I have talked to several players over the years on various different servers. Based on my conversations about the last two content updates, (1.6.1 and 1.7) not many players were very satisfied with the updates. Some even said they thought the new content that was added made the game worse.

Personally, 1.6.1 wasn’t that exciting to me, as not many new features where added. 1.7 (aside from getting pizza, yaks, and tomatoes) felt a bit like we had the same stuff we had before, just different (Colored donkeys and resource dodos, and expert mode which is basically the same as the normal game but harder). A lot of us also weren’t too sure about Jetpacks in 1.6 either, but today I think almost all of us are use to them and appreciate them being in the game.

Again, I don’t want to sound negative or undermine Dave’s hard work, but I feel like the last two content updates where honestly nothing huge, and I don’t see how it would attract any new players. That’s just how I see it, and several others I have talked to on the cloud seem to feel the same way. I just think that is something that should be noted, because I‘v heard this opinion quite a bit on the cloud, but not much on the forums. But I still do appreciate Dave’s hard work on the new content and functionality that he did add to 1.7. :slight_smile:

A game with legs will show a definite uptick when a major update is released, as a matter of course, whatever the content might be. The fact is that we got a lot of positive feedback about every content update we released, including the last two, but that is irrelevant. We didn’t see a viral swell in new players, as we did for all the previous releases. It’s about new players picking the game up, rather than the opinions of established customers.

As it is he has a long-lived, successful game currently published and live under his name, even if it’s had it, and that is a valuable asset for the brand planning on launching a new game in the medium term. Nobody would pay enough to make it worth his while to be a zero-title studio.

The answer to this thread is a big fat, shiny no :grinning:


Wow Joe, this is fantastic! Wish I could be there to hear those boys talking about what they’ve discovered about the game.

Have they learned the secret of donkey breeding yet?


They’re onto the fact that there are different colors of donkeys- which they’re very excited about. But they have yet to discover the full potential…