Would it be ok to embed a twitter feed in a private server’s welcome message?

I have a private world that I play with a few friends. Would it be fine if I were to embed our twitter feed(s) into the welcome message, or would that break the rules?

Edit: By private I mean private in the world settings with a whitelist and password.

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i can’t see a reason why not

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I think it would be fine as long as the Twitter content is appropriate.

that’s true but he is also asking considering it’s a private world, milla locks (‘privates’) servers for that reason alone, so while i would recommend against it if it’s private i’m not really sure if it’d apply? i don’t know i’m not really sure how that system works

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Yeah, I believe you’re okay if it’s a “private” server.

The server in question is also protected with a password and whitelisted.

that seems more than reasonable then