Would you rather? [poll game]



The basic game of should you rather EXCEPT: instaid of replying to the person above you, make a poll of the options you are asking someone would they rather and to reply, vote on their poll
to make a poll:
Click the gear on the little toolbar then click build poll

Would you rather forums game
Would you rather!
Would you rather!
Would You Rather?
Would You Rather?

Would you rather

  • Be outside in 100 degrees
  • Be outside in 0 degrees

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Depends on how long…


What do u mean?


depends on how long I have to stand outside


Ehh I guess an hour lol


Ok I still choose 100 degrees then


##Would You Rather?

  • Steal an Old Woman’s Purse
  • Tell 30 Orphans that Chrismas is cancelled

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What kind of insane choice is that?! Lol

Would You Rather?

  • Be able to think of a place, and instantly travel there
  • Have ten billion dollars

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Ikr thats terrible


Would You Rather:

  • Get a free charger cord that never broke but you had to pay $1 every time you used it
  • Buy a $10000000 charger cord that never broke and you didn’t have to pay to use it

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I wouldn’t use that unbreakable cord so many times that it would cost me over $1000000000


There is. @ToyBonnie9 just made it polls instead of replying to the above post to make ppl think he didn’t copy the other one. (even though he did)


I’m the only one who voted cold… It’s basically every day of my life anyway, and I can’t handle the heat :laughing:


Well, I mean, if it’s in Celsius, I would pick cold. Farenheit, I would say hot.


##Would you rather:

  • Create a successful and popular server and no one can add credit to it
  • Create a poor server that lasts forever

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This game has already been created. I don’t think it’s a game, though. The clickbait is real :joy: This is more of a survey thing, so its not a game.

Game ^^^



  • Choose this
  • Or Choose this

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I have more:

  • Eat 1 spoon full of spicy chili powder
  • Drink 3 gallons of water

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  • Spam a server and get cloud banned for 1 week
  • Your server to be spammed very dangerously

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  • Listen to your favorite song for 24 hours non stop
  • Listen to your least favorite song twice

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##If you want more reply to this post


would you rather…

  • Kill your spouse to survive
  • let your spouse kill you to let them survive

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