Would you rather? [poll game]



If you choose “Be able to think of a place, and instantly travel there” then you can think of a bank vault and steal as much money as possible. Plus you get to go to places for free.

  • Get a death sentence
  • Have the T-Virus from Resident Evil happen and survive

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#Would you rather

  • Play Terraria
  • Play Minecraft

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  • Be the Most Richest Person
  • Be the Most Creative Person Alive

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This is my happy line down here.
Now my happy stats…

Pretty sad. :frowning: and not creative at all.


Isn’t there already a thread for this? I might be confused with something else, but don’t they have one thread for a particular game?


Yep, but since this is a different format (polls), it’s considered a different game.

Also, changed the name of the game to Would you rather? [poll game]


Oh I see.


Would you rather…

  • Quit the BH, play any other game
  • Can only play BH, no other game

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  • Drink every food
  • Eat every drink

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Would you rather

  • Sing every day
  • Dance every day

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Would you rather [poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Poop everyday
  • Pee everyday




Would you rather…[poll type=regular]

  • Eat at McDonalds for an entire year
  • Eat a firecracker with a 50% chance of survival


Would you rather (legend of zelda breath of the wild)

  • Ride a guardian for a day
  • Hang out with thunderblight gannon for a day

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would you rather (the blockheads)

  • Eat only dodos
  • Eat only shark meat

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Memories I think matter more lol.


How could I hurt innocent dodos


Would rather…

  • Get chased by dropbears on a world without any trees (you can still breathe)
  • Get chased by scorpions in a never-ending desert

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[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Eat a scorpion alive
  • Eat a dropbear alive
    [/poll]Would you rather:


Would you rather…[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Be trusted and hated
  • Be a liar and liked.


Would you rather

  • Tell a friend a surprise and ruin it
  • Try so hard to not tell them where it’s almost impossible not to

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'Cause I’m evil :smirk:

Would you rather…

  • Put a toothpick into your toenail and kick a brick wall
  • Get papercuts all over your body and jump into a pool of lemon juice

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