Would you rather? [poll game]



Would you rather

  • Always have a wrapped up blanket on you forever
  • Or (Dont pick this one im serious lol)
  • Always have a air conditioning hat on your head forever

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Don’t put or and people won’t pick it

Would you rather

  • Eat at McDonald’s only for a year and get It free
  • Live in Walmart and have to eat there for a year

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  • Play on only one sever that your mod in (on tdh)
  • Or, only be able to go on the blockheads forums

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  • Eat your least favourite food (allergies and things don’t count)
  • Hear your least favourite sound

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Well this is would you rather I just realized someone posted to exact same thing but I will make a new one Kurt cause I already started this but anyway you make a poll. Sorry if I am copying, but I didn’t exactly. I just thought of this and then I saw there was already one but anyway don’t make things gross and disgusting would you rather’ that no one would ever want to do.i will start then the next person will comment there answer (even though we are making polls) and then make their would you rather. If someone puts a gross would you rather, then don’t answer what you would do and don’t vote in the poll. So I will go first

Would you rather

  • Eat any type of pizza with any topping
  • Eat any type of noodles with any topping

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I could go either way on that poll, I just picked randomly


Noodles. I would like buttered noodles beter I guess

would you rather

  • Have a dog
  • Have a cat

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This will probably be merged with the other one. There’s no reason to have two topics of the same exact thing.


Would you rather

  • Never play Blockheads again
  • Never play any game other than Blockheads again

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Would you rather…

  • Play on a custom Blockheads world
  • Play on a vanilla blockheads world.

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It depends, but custom typically.


I have betrayed the Blockheads. Sorry, but I like other games too.

  • Star in a horror movie, that ends up being in real life
  • Find out your entire life is a VR imagination, and you’re secretly on an apocalyptic planet.

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At least you’re getting paid to be in the horror movie

  • Know when you’ll die
  • Know how will you die

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Would you rather…

  • Loose all of the items in your inventory
  • Have your pet cave troll die

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Pretend you are a student that is terrible in french and kinda great in english

  • Speak in front of your school in English
  • Do a presentation in French

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This was strangely the hardest for my frriends


Knowing how will do nothing, you still won’t be able to change when— however, if you knew when you would die, you could prepare— write your will (if you’re there yet), be able to tell everybody goodbye, etc., etc.


I can just get a trade portal y’know…


You would never reach a quintillion. Five billion take about a lifetime, I believe…
I’d count. Not much of a pain.