Would you rather? [poll game]


  • Watch Rick and Morty fanbase cringe for 36 hours straight
  • Watch Jake Paul fanbase cringe for 36 hours straight
  • Hide in a hole until the remains of society are gone, it’s better than this rubbish

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Would you rather

  • Have super speed
  • Have super smartness
  • Have super strength
  • Be able to talk and understand animals
  • Make any TV show or move come to life
  • Or have telekinesis

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Lol have fun with this one, he he he. I made it extra hard. It was hard for me too

Well why wouldn’t it but, oh whatever.


I would want superior intelligence so I could advance the age of man @-@


Super speed means if I run fast enough I can “slow” time


Okay then ._.
Intelligence would allow you to build a time machine but whatever :wink:

Telekinesis would be very cool except I’d probably use it to support a lazy lifestyle e.g. bring Cheetos to my room


I would like super intelligence. Since it really is impossible (according to Christian beliefs) to be older than one hundred twenty, I would simply make life easier for mankind— it’s almost an official duty of mankind.




Who says she told the truth?

I feel a little bad for Nabi Tajima, knowing her end is near..


Ok this is off topic but whatttt.

Where in the world did you come up with that?


Whadda you mean she didn’t tell the truth? There’s a thing called birth certificates… that’s how it was verified


Although I would love some proper argumentation, I believe this is something we must refrain from. :slight_smile:
(I will answer a question:) @TheKnexGuy from the Bible. I believe it’s in the Pentateuch.


(I hope this won’t get flagged) THackK umm in the Bible there was a man named Methuselah that lived 969. If you want to discuss more, PM me.

Anyway, back on topic.
Would you rather

  • Eat octopus meat.
  • Eat snails.

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Well I mean I could cook it and we’d be good


Would you rather

  • Eat 2 liters of fried stinkbugs in one sitting
  • Hear a ringing in your ears for the rest of your life

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Hard, right?


Would you rather…

  • Be able to hear the thoughts of everyone around you
  • Have permanent invisibility

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Would you rather…

  • Only play on Vanilla worlds (this includes Expert Vanilla when it comes out)
  • Only play on Custom worlds (this includes Expert Custom when it comes out)

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Also, @milla there are two very similar threads like this.


Could you please link to the other one?



Merged :slight_smile:

  • Loose your best friend FOREVER
  • Be the dumbest kid in the class AND loose your favourite hobby

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