Would you rather? [poll game]


  • Binge watch 100 Barney episodes
  • Binge watch 100 teletubbies episodes

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I love them both, but I went with Barney because the Teletubbies may make me out of touch with language if I watched them for that long…


I was always more of a Barney the Dinosaur fan.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Not be able to die unless you want to
  • Have the power to revive someone but then die right after


(That one I would revive someone that needed a redo because I know where I’m most likely going I’ll see people I miss and people I’ve never met I’ll see friends from bh very few sadly one of my best friends the other one I hope I’ll see him I don’t want anyone to go to the other place not any level of bad hacker not any level of jerks)

  • Know where your going and it be good
  • Not know where your going and it be bad

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  • Be forced to use the death note 1 time a day
  • Watch someone use the death note 10 times a day and be able to do nothing

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I’m imagining me shouting “Delete!”



  • Binge Watch 100 my little pony episodes
  • Binge watch 100 barbie episodes

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  • Stay in your house all day with no food or water
  • Stay outside all day with no food or water

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you can find food outside. Better chance of not getting hungry

and @Pigswig, why? :laughing:


Would you rather

  • Become a snail
  • Become a sloth

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  • Have Monika invade your computer, and no one believes you
  • Have Siri become evil and stalk you, and no one believes you

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  • Have unlimited money BUT you die at the age of 24
  • Or have 1 friend and be very poor?

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Would you rather:

  • Restart elementary school
  • Go to college

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Would you rather

  • Never die, but life is painful
  • Have the perfect life, which ends at the age of 18

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Would you rather

  • Have an unlimited supply of Cheerios
  • Have an unlimited supply of Cheetos

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I can just put on a costume if i choose invisibility


Would you Rather?

  • Go to School
  • Go to Work

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You were the 123rd comment :open_mouth:

  • Be an owl
  • Be a snow owl
  • I don’t wanna be an owl

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Would you rather:

  • Clap until you die
  • Tap your feet until you die

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silently thanks band director for making me tap my foot, giving me the strength to choose an answer for this question