Would you rather? [poll game]


  • Would you rather read the worst book ever for 1 day
  • Would you rather read the best book ever but only 1 page
  • Would you rather burn all the books in the world
  • Would you rather do nothing about books and play The Blockheads all day

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It depends on how you mean “best” or “worst”. How it’s written (grammar, writing style, etc.)? Content (plot, etc.)?


Would you rather…

  • use only lowercase letters

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Would you rather…

  • Take over Mars
  • Know everything about Earth

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Edit: I messed that up just choose one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Be Zetta Slow
  • Be Hecto Fast

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Both are zetta slow you hectopascals




  • Lose all your money & valuables
  • Lose all your pictures you have ever taken

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  • Go to jail for something you didn’t do
  • Live in fear or getting caught for something horrible

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  • Be alone for rest of your life
  • Be surrounded by annoying people

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  • Be a first person to explore a planet
  • Invent a drug for a deadly disease

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  • Be poor but help people
  • Be incredibly rich but hurting people

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5 for now but more will be coming soon!!


Would you rather

  • Taste with your ear
  • Hear with your tongue

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It would be cool to like, slip your tongue out and hear whatever people are saying while you get a popcorn inside your ear.


How bout this

  • eAT POOP

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We already have a thread for this

  • Walk on hot coals
  • Walk on the Sun

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This one is easy lol.

vs the Sun’s surface:
which is equivalent to 9,940.73 °F


You don’t even need to research, just thinking a little bit makes it obvious…
Still, that fact is helpful.

I’ll make one:

  • Lose an eye
  • Lose 2 fingers (of your dominant hand)
  • Lose permanently the skin of one of your feet

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First off, I wanted to highlight the discrepancy between the two options. Such a discrepancy makes this Would You Rather easy rather than difficult, which obviously wasn’t the intention but it ended up being the result.

Second off, do you really think I didn’t know the temp difference between hot coals and the freaking Sun?


Just saying that losing an eye, or fingers would make your life difficult, but, losing the skin of your feet makes you have pain whenever you step, and vulnerability overall.
You are free to choose whatever you want.

And, of course I realize you know the heat difference, that’s why I said:

(I corrected my typo tho)

  • Be rich but stupid
  • Be poor but smart

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Might happen thanks to… -cough-…

He who must not be named


harry potter confirmed

wait what house are you in?
im in ravenclaw owo

  • Wisdom
  • Forever lasting life
  • True love
  • None tbh

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  • Help me
  • It’s not funny
  • Stop
  • This isn’t a meme
  • Oh no

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Would you rather…

  • See every bad movie there possible is and be scarred for life
  • See every good movie, but forget the entire movie in your head

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