Wumbos Paradise! Join Now!

Today I thought about making a new server! The rules are below!

  1. No griefing
  2. No stealing
  3. No hacked items of any kind
  4. No asking for admin or mod
  5. Please be kind to others

I will let you guys vote what the name will be for my server in the poll below

  • Wumbos Paradise
  • Dodo Kingdom
  • Adventure Island

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I will post more info soon! :slight_smile:


Wumbos Paradise wins! I will make sure to create the server tomorrow! I will post when it is ready! :slight_smile:

Sorry couldn’t be online yesterday! I need you guys to vote on this poll too so I can decide weather I should do custom or vanilla.

  • Vanilla
  • Custom

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Sorry this will hopefully be the final poll. Poll closes tomorrow!

Vanilla wins! I will make the server later. I will edit this post when it’s ready! :wink:

The server is now created! You may now join! :thumbsup:



To make things easier I put a link. It will bring you to Wumbos Paradise. :park:

Here is the progress so far! It’s doing okay. :slight_smile:


Progress is progress. Looking good, I’m going to join and see what’s up. :slight_smile:

Good job:) I’m gon visit

I have cleared everything near spawn. I plan on making a better spawn but I’m going to need some help. If you are willing to help please join! :cheerful:

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As soon as I find my phone, I’ll be on in two seconds. :slight_smile:

Say hello to the Basalt Apartments! They are FREE! If you want to buy a room ask me! :wink:


I searched Wumbos Paradise and it isn’t showing up?

Huh that’s strange it worked with me…

You can only a acess the server by the link I posted a few posts above.

If they’re free,
You don’t need to buy one.
You just need to ask for a room.


I assume this server isn’t still running? Sounds cool wish I could’ve joined

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After three years? Yes, of course.

so is it running or no? i would love to join!

I just answered that question.

The way you worded it is confusing yes it is running or yes it’s not