WWDC21 (Apple Event)

June 7, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. PDT
Steve Jobs Theater

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Here are the main things Apple announced. The following is from their website.

iOS 15

Connect with family and friends while watching and listening together in SharePlay. Be more present in the moment with Focus. Explore the world in unprecedented detail with a reimagined Maps. And use powerful on‑device intelligence to do more with iPhone than ever before.

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iPadOS 15

Do more things even more easily with powerful new multitasking tools. Create notes from any app using Quick Note. Add new widgets that let you see information at a glance right on your Home Screen. And enjoy many of the great features also coming to iOS 15.

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watchOS 8

Give your Portrait mode photos from iPhone a starring role on a dynamic new watch face. Unlock your door from your wrist with home keys. Work out with tai chi and Pilates. And center yourself with new Mindfulness experiences.

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macOS Monterey

Share your screen with friends and coworkers in entirely new ways with SharePlay. Explore a more immersive, customizable, and streamlined Safari. And with Universal Control, you can now work seamlessly between your Mac and iPad.

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iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Compatibility

Any device that can run iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will be able to run iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

watchOS 8 Compatibility

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch Series 6

macOS Monterey Compatibility

A developer beta for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey are now available for registered developers to download.

Why did Apple never bring this up?

iCloud+ is really good!

iOS 15 contains a lot of minor changes too.

During the event, Apple reinforced their commitment to privacy.

Safari has truly become the best web browser.

1Password is now trying to catch up with Apple.

How well does this feature work? :thinking:

Wow! This is amazing news!

Who even needs expired boarding passes to begin with?

What would the world be like without Face ID or Touch ID?

Security improvements are always welcome!

Will Android users fall for the bait? :wink:

This isn’t fun to think about! :dead:

Apple forgot to mention this at the event!

Apple is now sharing daily highlights of the event on YouTube.

Apple has done such a great job! :star_struck:

What is Apple hiding? :thinking:

The Blockheads gaming clips? :wink:

It annoys me that they let you use that remote with a roku but there isn’t a way to get to the home screen

Less clutter? Awesome!

These minor changes are very good in the long run.

How does this feature even work? :thinking:

Automatically? Why not manually?

Keywords are powerful!

The writing is on the wall!

Multitasking features are always welcome!

Stop getting divorces! :laughing:

Wasn’t this already possible?

For years now, Windows 10 has had a feature like this.

Head tracking must’ve been hard to implement.

What took so long to add this feature?

This will be very useful!

Uh oh! Some people are not going to be happy about this?

Private information should stay private!

This feature is long overdue!

Craig Federighi is ready to answer some questions!

Apple is doing a lot to protect the privacy of every single individual.

Passwords are becoming a thing of the past.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

This is such a convenient feature!

This should’ve been announced alongside macOS Monterey.

Why would I want to let my smartphone decide my reminders for me?

Apple is constantly improving Safari.

Why does Apple think that people play video games on Macs?

iPadOS 15 includes a ton of new features.

I have high hopes that Apple will add more accessibility features along the way.

Apple is interested in knowing if developers enjoyed the event.

The interactive globe looks cool!

iCloud Keychain comes in handy!

Craig Federighi has brought Greg Joswiak with him!

Developers deserve to have more options.

This is a minor feature, but it makes a huge difference.

EXIF data? Finally!