Year 45K (Cancelled)


Year 45,000 will take place in a world where the world was destroyed by nuclear war and fallout, the world is almost unlivable due to this and the endless winters just make things worse. So humans decided to start moving underground to a vault called (Vault 15) so us humans could grow plants and live without all the radiation and stuff killing them.

It is your job the subject to restore the earth to its former glory and save us from dying out. Since radiation and pollution have wrecked this world it is your job to try and restore it while living in the harsh conditions.

World rules

Rules: Custom

Health - Hard
Hunger - Hungrier
Happiness - Normal
Clothing decay - Faster
Tool decay - Faster
Death - No death
Death drops - All items
Max blockheads - 2
NPC/MOB difficulty - Hard
Trade portals - Buy only
Trade prices - 10% higher when buying
Trade portal items - Requires discovery
Day/night cycle - Slower (To make it harder to grow food)
Meditation - Enabled
Teleportation - Disabled
Pole items - One only, lasts forever.

Seed: The-End
Large oceans
Very cold
Very wet
Few plants
Few trees
No lakes
No sky islands
Less ore, Small veins
Less gems
No treasure

Whitelist: Enabled
World size: 1x

Server rules:

  1. You are only to have one account and only one! No more then this unless i give you permission to use a second account. If caught you will have your alt account banned.
  2. Do not use any in-game exploits, cheats or duplication glitches. You will be thrown into jail if caught.
  3. Raiding, Griefing, and Stealing is allowed in the outer world. Unless the building is awaiting protection.
  4. Language that is (NSFW) or (Not Safe For Work) is not allowed, an example is the F-word. You will be banned for using this.
  5. Do not bully, harass or assault people. You will be banned if done.
  6. Do not date, mess around (in an 18+ manner) or any of that stuff, you will be banned from this server.
  7. Do not escape the underground jail, if you are being sentenced there and are caught escaping you will be banned.

This world has plans to open between April or June just because it decided too :slight_smile:


Ooh I like this. Kind of like dz/sot but warm.

Moved to multiplayer.


Did i accidentally put it in suggestions?

If you ever want to help PM me. This server will be hosted by wingy


I’m excited I haven’t played these type of adventure servers in a long time


Yenr 'lsk?


Seems cool


Reminds me of Fallout


Please note that the way the world settings are made may change at any time.


Think I may go with a nuclear war theme rather then global warming, because it can be managed.


Well, just got 1,200 tcs today so now when I get access to the server for the first time I will be able to build it.


Updated the OP to be up to date, Hopefully even with the theme change people will still be interested :slight_smile:


Changed the logo a little bit to add some light and a shade :slight_smile:

The World will be made soon i believe. So i will begin work once it is actually open.

When the world officially opens rather then a whitelist it will be open to the public. :slight_smile:


Can I have a comparison of the letter N and the letter A?

And a comparison of 'l and 4


Why not?


I think he wants it because the “A” looks like an “N” tbh, but I suppose the “n” looks like a capital one.


Okay. Sorry about that

Here is a picture of the font

Note that the logo is a modified version of the font.




How sci fi


Although to get to having this world open may be slow and tedious i hope @wingysam could do that honor soon.

Anyway I would like to bring some changes to the limit of blockheads and a few other things

I am going to have blockheads set to 1, this is to ensure something i am planning will be put into place properly without people spawning another blockhead at the portal to get out of what they have done.

I would also like to say that you will only be able to have one account and that is it, no more then one allowed. If caught you will have that account banned and you will be set into jail.

And while we are on the topic of jail i would like to discuss that i have a jail that may be one step before ban, if caught cheating, duping, hacking, etc you will be thrown into jail. How? by the /reset-owner CMDS.

If you are thrown into jail you will have every item stripped from your inventory and you will not be able to get out until a certain date, or never. So please avoid this if you can. :slight_smile:

It will save you a lot, anyway i will be updating the OP to have the latest stuff. That is it for this announcement post.


I didn’t want to come to this conclusion, but since it is taking so long for the server to be made. i would rather cancel it.

Although you may replicate this idea i just feel that i should make a griffen-land 2 instead.

I know i have made too many griffen-lands and talked about it probably so much i just feel it should be better.

Sorry for coming to this conclusion, but this server could still live on as an idea on griffen-land, for now this is what it had to come too.