Yellow border (owner sign)

I need to make myself owner on my server but I’m just admin on it even tho I got it’s owner portal. I need the yellow border on my pic so everyone knows that I’m owner on it, I made the server on a different device but I forgot the I cloud to return in this new device, but still got the owner portal, any idea how to return it?

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Are you using Android or apple?

Do you still have access to the other device? Milla can help transfer the ownership but what you really need is the Support ID from that original device if you can get it. She still might be able to help but you’ll need to send her a PM and provide the world name, your original IGN (in game name), your new name and your current Support ID on your new device. She may ask you for other details but that’s a start. Don’t share this Support ID with anyone but Milla.

Im using ios

Did you create the world, @Pixell?

Are both devices running iOS?