Yellow role


What’s the new yellow outlined role in multilayer?


The owner of the server.

Though, there’s a bug that the name in chat is blue.


Lol, I became such a noob after 1.7 because I never read the app description :whistling:


Its basiclly the owner but when the owner chats it will be in blue as its a glitch :wink:


Is the bug ever going to be fixed?


It was first reported on the day 1.7 released, and we’ve had two bug fix updates since then.

I don’t know, the only one that does know is Dave — though he himself might not even know.


It seems reasonable that he would know if he is going to fix something or not. Right now it seems that he is not going to fix it anytime soon. I think he is just working on Ambience right now.


Thanks everyone! Was a bit confused.


Yellow Role is for being the owner.




Yellow names work through owner portal/server app, the only worlds where they fully function with the actual owner are LAN worlds. Otherwise, cloud world owners see their names as yellow, however if they leave and come back they see all their old messages as blue. (just as others always did). Mac worlds of course have no owner, so it makes sense that only server has the yellow name.


This quote may help explain. I don’t believe — like you — that he is in for the longhaul as he says.

He got distracted with Ambience during beta, so I don’t think he’ll distract himself with Blockheads during Ambience.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m excited about Ambience, though I’ll miss my favorite game.


Player on Unihorse when ASYC joins: Umm, I know what yellow blue and green stands for, but what does red mean?

Then how come server gets a yellow name in chat? (Through owner portal)


Super Admin/ MJ Staff: Red Names
Brer explains above why Server gets a yellow name in chat. Server: World Owner in the OP


Yep that happens a lot for me