Yellow text?


I get yellow notifications everytime I flag a user…

I’m guessing it’s automated, but just to make sure.


I think it is in fact automated.


Pm me. It is complex. Easy to explain on my own discourse tho. Pm me for the link and info.
(Anybody can pm for info)



Yeah that. Pm me about it.


I’m not exactly looking for instructions on how to make an automated message.

Thanks for the clarification though! :slight_smile:


Not that. It is easy. Just pm me.
(For facts,logic, and how to do so)


Shouldn’t it be easier if you posted it here so everyone can know?
(like why there is yellow text, not a tutorial, )


Ugh… it is just easier to show. I’ll do it with screenShots and my discourse instance.


@loganisgreat, He is not asking for a tutorial on how to do it. He was just asking if the yellow text was a default.


I also have it


It happens when an admin agrees with a flag (FROM MY DISCOURSE)
Admins can also make posts yellow (or as staff color) by going to … > :wrench: > :shield: ADD STAFF COLOR


So it is only yellow if they agree with the flag? If they don’t agree it isn’t yellow?

Not all the omes that are yellow have the same message. Some say they agree, others say they are looking into it and they are both yellow.


It’ll be yellow if the system posts as them. That happens if they agree or disagree. Or if an admin did the admin action to add staff color.