You guys are awesome


A very dear friend of mine, who is a game development veteran, vented yesterday on FB about having to deal with negativity and hostility in one of her communities, saying she was glad she isn’t a CM. Lots of others piled in with their own horror stories. I was so proud of you lot. I got to tell her how brilliant this community is, with lots of altruists, and almost everyone treating everyone else respectfully.

So, thank you :two_hearts:


Yes, this is truly a fantastic community, and I’m happy everyday to be friends with the people I’ve met here. You’ve all been so kind to me, and I know this is somewhere I’m always welcome. :slight_smile:


cough I know, I know, you’re welcome


@milla thank you and @asyc in particular for the kindness and support you guys extend to us all each day. Some of the people I have met through this community have been so kind and seeing the creativity from this community is heart warming x


What’s a CM


I think it means community manager


Ohh that makes sense. I’m context I thought it was something like “central manager”


I’m sure the size of the communities have an effect on average behavior


Nah, it mostly depends on how the users see it, maybe they think there’s something wrong, it could be any part of the community, since it’s staff by themselves, or the community.


Yeah, most of the big social media sites tend to have trolls. Not one or two, but millions. We’re lucky we only have a few.


The Blockheads community was pretty big during the middle three years of my tenure. Our Facebook community at least. It’s not that. It’s more about who the members are, and what standards are consistently maintained. And we have most certainly not been free from the trolls and the griefers. They’ve just been dealt with fairly summarily.

This board is the smallest section of our community, but it’s been the most fabulous.


Right now it is quality over quantity


Oh boy, most certainly.