You should be able to delete posts in your threads


Read the title.
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Do you mean other people’s posts?
if everyone could delete posts, world owners would just delete all negative content about their server :no_mouth: I think if you‘re unhappy about some posts bc they‘re off-topic or malicious you can just flag them? :wink:


Moved to #meta. :slight_smile:

This is probably something you need to suggest to


The only person that can delete a post is the one making the post or the staff of the forums. This is the way it should be because a forum is a place where the members are free to discuss their ideas as long as they follow the rules and guidelines set up by the owner of the forum: Jungle Ltd “Majic Jungle”. If someone is posting something that breaks the rules or they are posting off topic, just flag it and a member of the staff will take care of it. There is no need to comment further about it in your threads.
If people were allowed to delete posts within their own threads, no real legitimate collaboration of ideas would take place. That would be a sad thing. Sometimes it takes someone pointing out facts that you never considered to make an idea better.
I also feel this would be used to make some of our members feel unwelcome. That would not be kind.


Absolutely not.