Your favorite blockhead emoji

Mine is :what: because he looks like he saw his fellow BH get ravaged by a group of drop bears

The one with the red glasses happens to be my favorite, but I’ve never actually found a good scenario to use it in. :lol:

:glasses: (insert technical stuff here)


:frowning: it’s sad it has so little use like the ninja BH emoji

Or the one with rabbit teeth?

That’s true as well


That’s a good one when I first joined it looked like an axe with a red/blue blade

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You’re right, it really does, and now I can’t unsee the axe.

Mine is :thumbsup: because it’s convenient and I’ve used it several times. It looks funny somehow.
I like :thumbsdown: too, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it before, for I fear it seems a little too offensive when it comes from me lol.

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Maybe it’s because the BH head is super tall and thin with the most handsome jawline I’ve ever seen. :lol: