Your first name and pfp in BH

What was your first BH name and pfp and why? My name was Pussnboots like the cat from shrek 2 I also had this pfp to match the name: image
Kinda cringe looking back on it. Year or two later I changed to (2(0 with a pic of a rubix cube I owned.


I’ve answered this question before, with the answer coming to me quite quickly, but it seems my memory is starting to fail me. I think…probably Furbyme? I’m not sure, actually, perhaps there was something before that. At the time, I looked up and saw a furby. Put “furby”. Taken? Added ME. Yeah, not a great name.

As for pfp? Opened the camera and took a picture of the two sleeping furbys (furbies? What is the plural of a Furby?) that belonged to my sister and I. Might try to find the pfp later.


first username was firestar9990. switched it to firestar9991 because I switched devices. I deleted the game a year later and came back as firestar9992. eventually I reinstalled it and played as firestar9993.

haven’t played blockheads since, so if you ever see a firestar9994 or firestar9995 you know it’s me

I don’t remember my name when I first started since I didn’t even play online but when I started back up my Name was Blaster1st and my pfp was a picture of my dog.

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Alyssa (bh name), my username was (and still is) pinkbunny24 (but I sometimes use pinkbunny24 two or §pinkbunny, and my pfp was…lemme think…The oldest pfp I can remember was deleted, but here’s the oldest one I have

Why gacha?

I like gacha

Eh, it’s not a community I’d like to get into, too much cringe and cursed stuff; You’re welcome to your opinion though.

I’m not exactly a part of the gacha community, either. I just make a few characters or stories from time to time and watch some videos. I don’t communicate or post anything, I’m more like a ‘ghost’ traversing the gacha ‘virtual world’

So you’re mostly there for the art style?

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I forgor :skull:

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Yeah, and I edit a lot

You forgot what?

my first name and pfp on bh lol.

i think it was… UNKNOWNSHADOW2 or smth… or ZERE214 or smth… i had a pfp of naruto and sasuke XD i cant seem to find the exact pfp tho

if you search up some pvp servers then youll probably be able to find some of the servers are owned by me with those 2 usernames. ez. type in pvp and scroll down XD

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EDIT: dont flag my comment milla…

It’s a meme “i forgor :skull:” also gacha community makes me want to take my eyes out with an ice cream scoop. Do what you like though I’m sure you are better then the rest of the community.
@ZAIN why would she flag your comment

ye gacha heat has destroyed the entirety of gacha

We got a fancy one, eh? Poor guy needs a scoop to tear his eyes out instead of his own filthy hands!

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It’s called class blaster, it’s called class.

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no, WE forgor :skull: communism


-ussr anthem plays in the distant