Your preference - Anarchy server with no rules, or an authoritative server?

Just a small question regarding what you like about a server; which type of server is suited well to your play style? I personally prefer anarchy vanilla with no rules. Anything goes. There’s virtually no admin interference with the player base, plus you can build wherever you like to, whether it be spawn or faraway on an sky island. Authoritative servers that dictate rules that are written in an incredibly long welcome message which you have to read and walk out all the way out of spawn to build are reaaally tedious and annoying for me, especially when they’re practically everywhere.

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I prefer anarchy. Satisfies my blood lust, and I can get a lot of loot If I find a big base.

Well I prefer a server with structure maybe not extremely strict but no cussing and stuff I like pvp servers not because I like pvp but I like few protection signs and I like survival


I’d say modified anarchy. Pure vanilla anarchy will get old, but changing the gameplay systems up a bit makes a server more unique, allowing for a bit of freshness in anarchy.


Authoritative. I much more enjoy a server with rules, and good staff.

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I’d say a mix. civilized, but with less rules


I personally prefer an authoritative server. Anarchy servers are too toxic, and I hate PVP. Plus, having a system of government is cool, because you can progress by doing jobs or starting empires.

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I like a server with a few basic rules (don’t destroy things, don’t annoy people etc) unless the server is role playing or something. I also like being a mod :wink:

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Yeah, those are definitely all things I love from an anarchy server. You just don’t get that experience from a strict and rule driven server, otherwise you’ll get hit by the classic kick or ban button. Heck, the first ever server I joined was an anarchy server with no admins or owners online; it was ran and kept alive by the community, until it eventually died out.

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@AlpineLLJ, if you enjoy complete anarchy, maybe the 2b2t Minecraft server is for you.

A 2b2t Blockheads server would be really cool though!

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I’d like pvp based servers a whole lot more, if the pvp itself got a good overhaul in mechanic.

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The problem with anarchy servers is that you can’t make a beautiful base with out attracting armies of raiders. People will constantly grief and destroy the scenery.

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I’ve definitely heard of it. In fact, I watch FitMC’s videos about it. He manages to make a the history of it so intriguing. I have been on a lot of anarchy servers on the game before but most of it is either not true anarchy or completely dead.

True, but that’s what I find it so fun; it’s high risk with high reward; if you can pull off hiding your base away from everybody else in a huge world a couple of thousand blocks away from spawn, you’re pretty much all set. Servers with a bunch of rules intact get boring and stale, although the same can be said for anarchy. It’s just more interesting to work your way around a place filled with no rules whatsoever.

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I like the type of authoritative servers that have a puzzle or maze you have to do to get out.

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