YouTube Mandatory Ads

YouTube is alienating content creators by including ads, even on videos creators don’t want ads on. This is probably going to result in a fair few creators deliberately creating content that advertisers won’t like. At least, one hopes so. This is problematic.


YouTube has been digging their own graves since January of 2017, when ad dollars dropped 90%. So many big YouTubers have pulled out. They want to make a better “children-family friendly” demographic platform wide, which isn’t that the whole point of YouTube kids? It should be in the parents’ hands to manage what their children watch, not AI, not cooperate office.

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Interesting move Google… It looks like a desperation move by a company that isn’t even close to being desperate

I mean if they were only going to start serving ads on videos made by channels that aren’t part of the partner program by default, that would make a bit more sense. But straight up serving ads on every video with no way of disabling them is a really bizarre move to me.

I imagine the backlash from creators and views will be pretty harsh so we’ll see is Google reverses course soon.

Maybe content creators should move to Vimeo. :smile:

I don’t think it looks like a desperation move at all. It’s basic greed. I plan to remove my content from YouTube, and upload it to Vimeo. I don’t impose ads on people watching my stuff for the simple reason that I don’t like watching ads on general amateur content. I do watch them on monetised content I consider worth it, i.e. professionally produced, high quality content. Nobody should have to watch ads on what amounts to home videos, and I don’t want Google scraping revenue out of my videos without my permission.

I have seen YouTube put ads on videos announcing or being sympathetic towards a celebrity or family/friend’s death. That is disgusting.