YouTube removed the dislike button. Thoughts?

I’ll keep my opinion in the replies

interesting, is this something good to go under #technology?

Nah youtube is more social media than technology

But that’s #technology:lol:

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Sad, I think you should be able to say you dont like a video.


:question: oh ok.

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I think it’s weird and I’m sure people got offended :roll_eyes:

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They are trying to creates safe place for content creators but, if someone or a group of people spam dislike your videos
1: they are trying to tell you something
2: your content might suck
3: just make a new gmail and start again


if only content creators see the count i’m not sure i see the point in keeping it at all honestly plus now people are gonna use the comment section as a dislike button now and ooh boy… it may get worse than twitch streamers

I’m just gonna comment “dislike” on an alternate account. The same alternate account this BH account is connected to.

It would be nice that if the dislikes outweigh the likes, then it gets flipped and you can see only dislikes and not the likes…obviously seeing both is preferable, but that’d be funny.

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Yea you could click a video and be like “wow what garbage” and dislike it and move on.

People are just gonna do “use this comment as a dislike button”. I’m very sad about youtube removing the dislike button. I will no longer be able to visit oli london’s channel every few months to dislike all his videos :pensive:

I’ll miss disliking every video on a channel who advertise themself in a comment section

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IDK what y’all talking about. The dislike button isn’t going anywhere, the only thing leaving us is the public count.

That’s what ima miss

Disliking a video because other people disliked it is never a good thing.

Dislike go brr

Not what I did

It’s always bothered me that you can’t see how many dislikes a comment (not a video) got. Might as well be unable to see the number of likes, too (you could still sort by “top”), since people are so fixated with the number of likes on their “legends are still watching in 2021” comments posted on a music video that was uploaded only two years ago. The comment section so often resembles a calendar when people are trying to fish for likes…as if the number could actually buy them anything.